What you should know about CLEP

What you should know about CLEP

Just a bit I wrote for the UAF eCampus iLearn Notes in the start of June. “What is CLEP?

Copied here for ease of reading…

What is a CLEP test?
CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. A CLEP test is a standardized test made and ran by College Board. These tests are designed to assess your college-level knowledge so that you might earn college credits without taking the college course. However, our institution, UAF, must agree on which tests transfer or meet the requirement for what class. While most of the CLEP exams are designed to equal a one-semester course, there are a few that, if passed, may result in more credits.

Which CLEP tests have been taken here? Forty CLEP exams have been proctored at the Exam Center since June 2023  including:

  • Language: Spanish, German, French, 
  • Math: Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus
  • Science: Chemistry, Human Growth and Development, Social Sciences and History

The popularity, if you can say that, might be measured by which tests are taken most:

  1. Spanish (11), 
  2. College Algebra (5), and 
  3. Precalculus (4).

There are many topics to choose from, and here is an example from the UAF Approved Exam Equivalencies spreadsheet of how you might earn eight credits. Of course, you really need to be confident in your knowledge of chemistry.

Why would I do it? You could save time, in terms of the length of a course and the effort you put in versus tuition — a test or two may be well worth it. If you already speak French or know Chemistry thoroughly, you could earn seven to eight credits.

How do I sign up?

  1. Read the instructions  at “How to Find a College’s CLEP Policy” 
  2. Check UAF’s list of Approved Exam Equivalencies*
  3. Visit the list of CLEP exams listed on the College Board website
  4. Review what the test is about and the score required to earn semester hours.
  5. Sign up for your exam. There is a cost for the exam.
  6. Depending on where you are located

* This spreadsheet lists the CLEP exam and which UAF Course, Title, and the number of credits you could earn.


Janene McMahan
Student Services Manager
Janene oversees UAF eCampus Exam Services and the Front Counter experience for staff, faculty, students, and the public. Exam Services proctors community/professional exams and paper/online tests for UAF eCampus students, UAA/UAS students taking online courses, students entering UAF who need placement or library competency exams, etc.