Clean up your email inbox… Unsubscribe!

Clean up your email inbox… Unsubscribe!

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Fibi is taking shape

I went through my email and looked at where I was getting my messages from. There has got to be a reason why I have SO MUCH YARN??!!

Oh, yes. I was subscribed to four of my favorite online stores. FOUR. Of course, if you need something, isn’t it good to know who has a sale going on?

Maybe that’s like… “Here, I know you’re not drinking anymore, but in case you start again I got you this really nice Ice Wine, and a bottle opener because you might have thrown yours out.”

I’m reading “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo – and I believe that my office (ahem/cough ‘craft room’) may be a much nicer space to be in… shortly.

My goal, of course, is to make all of my space feel as light and airy as my new office space at work does. BEAUTIFUL. It’s so easy to focus and get work done.

Will I miss all of those emails? No. If I need something, I know where to go. But perhaps a better first step would be, finish something you’ve already started OR start something that you have all the materials for.