• Still love Jing – annotation tool

    It’s the start of the semester and every once in awhile Blackboard drops something you find very useful. Here’s how you can go find it and turn it back on. That is, unless it’s deprecated. Ouch.

  • Fun with banners

    Joanne Healy, School of Education, likes the banners I make. Here’s the latest batch… her requests are fairly open-ended, so I can find the right mood to fit the need. Our department has access to a Shutterstock account. That and regular CC0 images make creating banners easier.      

  • Guide students through your course

    Guide students through your course verbally and visually. Whether your discipline is highly visual or not, using a picture to show the student where they are in the course or semester is helpful. You might want to use a quick video to show students how to navigate your course shell. If that’s not in the…

  • Better Tests & Quizzes

    Slides Needed: note-taker Goals: driven by your discussion Resources Please add your ideas! On the iPad click the ” + ” near the bottom left to add. How do you know? VoiceThread You have to have Flash installed (allow use) Students practicing language Joanne Healy is using VoiceThread and the students love it.

  • Too small for normal relaxation

    Too small for normal relaxation

    This is a miniature sock monkey knit done on sock needles. I’ve created this post to help students with adding images to WordPress pages. Also to uncover what absolute paths look like versus relative. When you are using WordPress to add media to your page or post you go through a series of steps where…

  • Make your own (A)

    Some of your posts just should not have (visually and creatively speaking) a massive title. See this other post without a title. Last June I thought I’d just make all of Aedan’s baby food… That worked really well for a few months. Then somewhere around Thanksgiving or a wee bit later it became more important…

  • Stretch your legs!

    In response to M3 blog assignment. What is it about animals with dolls? You need to practice adding images. There are several ways to do it. use an image you own the rights to, or use an image that is copyright free or has a Creative Commons license like set up the image to be…

  • Love and smiles

    Love and smiles

    You and I at the Park