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Too small for normal relaxation

Too small for normal relaxation

This is a miniature sock monkey knit done on sock needles.

I’ve created this post to help students with adding images to WordPress pages. Also to uncover what absolute paths look like versus relative.

When you are using WordPress to add media to your page or post you go through a series of steps where you choose the image from your computer or from another source. Then WordPress builds the img src path and code for you.

On my own server I might use the following code to display a photo of a sock monkey.

<img src="images/sockmonkey.jpg" alt="A sock monkey knit on sock needles">

On the WordPress post, I’ll let WordPress build the link for me. It will look something more like this:

<img src="http://03c1256.netsolhost.com/WordPress/wp-content/uploads/sockmonkeysmallinprogress642.jpg" 
alt="A sock monkey knit on sock needles">



If you are using GIMP, you’ll need to EXPORT your image (versus save or save as). Go to the File menu and choose Export or Export As. Then save your image as a gif, jpg or png depending upon the type of image you just made.