Robert B Parker

It is rare that I hit upon an author whose books I want to devour. Also odd, in this case, that I read many of them out of order.

Today is the day I went on a search to see what order, and which books, by Robert B Parker I had read. Yes. I need to determine whether to get more (I know I will) from the local library and if I’d like to buy some to read electronically.

  • December/January reads are Crimson Joy and then Pale Kings and Princes.
    • Yup. I read those two in reverse order. Nothing new with this particular author…
    • I finally decided to search online for the list of when books were released, instead of trying to follow the list given in the front of some of the paperbacks.
  • November’s list: Chance, Cold Service, Hugger Mugger, Hush Money, Potshot, Sudden Mischief, Widow’s Walk
  • October’s feast: Hundred-dollar Baby, Now and Then, The Professional

Robert B. Parker as shown on the “Order of Books” site – there is no credit for who took the photo.