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Seven Year Journey

A friend has completed one leg of a long journey. Always amazed at what people can do! concīs is finished! We appreciate your time, attention and support. » https://t.co/qRQQ6CWlKz — concīs (@concismag) February 4, 2018

Day 6: VLOOKUP & TRUE – oooh

Coming back to The Google Sheets course… Just loved seeing the “precedence” drag and drop in the conditional formatting rules. While I don’t imagine when I’ll use it, I have often used VLookup in the past. Having the resulting table also include visual queues? A recipe for greatness!

I had to listen

I need you to soften my heartAnd break me apartI need you to open my eyesTo see that You’re shaping my lifeAll I am, I surrenderGive me faith to trust what you sayThat you’re good and your love is greatI’m broken inside, I give you my lifeI need you to …

And the award goes to…

The other day I mentioned php. Someone asked me what it stood for. I honestly didn’t know. ‘I just code or I just hack it’ wasn’t my best response! php (or PHP) stands for hypertext preprocessor. Correct. It’s like a fool’s errand. PHP actually is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” …

Updating my resume

Nothing to see here. That sure is a shame. 10/28 update: I don’t know when I stopped having my resume on my website. I know it’s in LinkedIn… but it is time to have it back here. For my coworkers, managers, and team: I don’t want to leave UAF eLearning. …

Still love Jing – annotation tool

It’s the start of the semester and every once in awhile Blackboard drops something you find very useful. Here’s how you can go find it and turn it back on. That is, unless it’s deprecated. Ouch.

Fun with banners

Joanne Healy, School of Education, likes the banners I make.

Here’s the latest batch… her requests are fairly open-ended, so I can find the right mood to fit the need.
Our department has access to a Shutterstock account. That and regular CC0 images make creating banners easier.

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