“Finish knIT” February

“Finish knIT” February

Oh. My. As a crafter (crochet, embroidery, knitting)… I have many projects (WIP) works in progress. Further, I have goals. Upcoming plans for small amigurami. Great ideas for bees either on knit fingerless gloves, or fireweed embroidered on a newly made hat.

February – one of the coldest, but not darkest months – is a fiend in Fairbanks.

We find ourselves starved for light and ready to be out of the coldest part of winter. And the weather can play nasty tricks. This is one reason why I will most likely never do a temperature scarf—much less a blanket! Want to know a bit more about those? Here’s a simple one by Tara of Fox & Pine Stitches from December 2020. Bonus for those shoppers out there that might be reading this Fox and Pine Stitches has an Instagram where they show off their own creations. Color me curious about the Yarn Belt.

Playing with QR codes. This will take you to her Insta… but so would a link. Hmmmm

QR code for Fox and Pine Stitches