Crafting for relaxation and peace

Crafting for relaxation and peace

In addition to reading, I am knitting and crocheting, plus journaling.


What’s in the craft queue?

  • Two stockings for Brett
  • A sweater for me
  • A sample sweater (maybe) for the place I find most peaceful (Yarn Over Alaska)
  • One pair of Malabrigo knit mittens… side-bar… they are on hold!
  • The extension of a previously made hat —- YAY, this one got done on Friday of last week (*whew*).

And on the FINishing block?

  • a very old crocheted blocks blanket. It will be 4×6 squares when done. I have 6 (or 7) squares crocheted together.
  • That’s it. That’s the one (except for the above) that I am working on.