A few mobile links for WordPress

How do you make your WordPress site mobile friendly? Earlier today I spent a little bit of time downloading and testing a WordPress plugin designed to detect mobile devices and switch the view of your WordPress site to accommodate whatever tool the user was using (within reason). [Mobile detection plug in: WP Mobile Detector] I am cross-referencing this post a 'how to' because I have a few tips on what you should do. See the bottom of this post. While looking for this plug in I came…

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Teachers using blogs in their course rooms

Blogs are an excellent way to get your students talking to each other and you about their studies. If you have posts where you are asking your students questions or if you are requiring them to create their own posts you may require them to submit by a certain deadline (or to comment on fellow classmates posts). In order to help with deadline confusion, you should set your date within WordPress. Click on the image for a close up view. Here is how to set your date…

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That did not work

Mendeley and more

At the Center for Distance Education, we have a reading group. We use Mendeley (http://www.mendeley.com) to corral materials. Even the proudest designer or highest ranking techie needs a how-to. These are my notes because I was so tech-whelmed last week, I did not get into Mendeley to tell staff what I would be covering today. First of all the desktop unit was installed on my old machine. No wonder things looked strange. http://www.mendeley.com/download-mendeley-desktop/mac/instructions/ Second of all I did not have the "Import to Mendeley" web importer set…

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Images and Blackboard

These materials came from a session I performed on 12/2 for the IAC faculty. Faculty Development Friday Sessions SUMMARY We covered the differences between GIF, JPEG and PNG. We discussed what each type was best used for. GIF: graphic, chart, line drawing, few colors and JPEG (JPG): photographs We discussed that a PNG can be considerably larger than a GIF or JPG - and that when you do a screen shot or snag a PNG off of the web (or a GIF or a JPG) it is…

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On task (not project management)

Being asked to see what the individuals who make up the Design group are using to track projects or tasks is a great introduction to the team. Using SurveyMonkey allows for a quick Q&A. I will enhance/follow-up with one-on-one discussions. I'll be intermixing survey results and on-on-one sessions to determine what the team might need and what the team might use. Here are a few things after seeing results from 5 out of 12 folks: my deliberate use of vague language was caught/singled out; I stand by…

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Passive text

Did you know that passive text reduces the readability of your message? If you find yourself using passive text, and you don't have a proofreader to help you out (few of us do) you can use MS Word to measure these elements. Find out more: http://corporategeek.info/Measure-Readability-Documents-Emails While I was reading this, readability became the real issue. Passive text is simply my gateway into this world of 'write for understanding.' Related in a completely different way: RSS readers - a list for 2018

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Tumblr – microblogging

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While the majority of my days have been wrapping my mind around CDE and how we 'do' things here, I've been delighted to learn new tools. On day 2, I set up a Tumblr account (Alaskaknits) namely because I saw Tumblr listed in an online course Christen (hi Christen) teaches.

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day 7: tools

Prepping for iTeach I came across beautifully illustrated and narrated examples of embedding video in Skip Via's ED 329. I especially like the fact that he's showing how to embed a VoiceThread project (in addition to YouTube) for GoogleSites and Blackboard. Skip Via's explanation is clear; his use of images very supportive of learning the steps. He uses posted these to iTunes U. See more excellent links and resources on his site.

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day 3

Certainly I will not have day 3, day 17, day 293... I'd have to write a script for that. Instead you'll see a, 2, finally--but only if I'm feeling disjointed. What's a brand new designer to do? link checking find all the resources she will need to do her job begin collecting work Cross-polinate? Absolutely. Monday (day 1) I posted on FB about 'information overload.' I need to make a list of all the cool things that I was exposed to on Monday and those that I…

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