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Testing Embeds

Using the embed code from inside the share in VoiceThread and pasting it into the Text view in WordPress. It worked … See VoiceThread and screenshots below. This is using the default information. I would change the height and width. Find your VT and click the share icon Choose the ٩◔‿◔۶

And the award goes to…

The other day I mentioned php. Someone asked me what it stood for. I honestly didn’t know. ‘I just code or I just hack it’ wasn’t my best response! php (or PHP) stands for hypertext preprocessor. Correct. It’s like a fool’s errand. PHP actually is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” ٩◔‿◔۶

Updating my resume

Nothing to see here. That sure is a shame. 10/28 update: I don’t know when I stopped having my resume on my website. I know it’s in LinkedIn… but it is time to have it back here. For my coworkers, managers, and team: I don’t want to leave UAF eLearning. ٩◔‿◔۶

Still love Jing – annotation tool

It’s the start of the semester and every once in awhile Blackboard drops something you find very useful. Here’s how you can go find it and turn it back on. That is, unless it’s deprecated. Ouch.

Working with Adobe Illustrator

Hey all! I’ve been slack over the past few years in learning Adobe Illustrator. I LOVED Fireworks… WHY, OH WHY…. anyhow. Over the past few months, I have recreated graphics for the Mining Mill Operator Training. Granted I’ve only done a drop in the bucket of them, but my AI ٩◔‿◔۶

There is so much fall clean up going on… but I need to think about Spring 2017 and CITS F222: Website Design

Hello Everyone! In October I will review and update the Syllabus for Spring 2017. In late October I will prep the schedule–calendar–for Spring 2017. In November you’ll see changes to module pages updating them for the Spring week-by-week layout. In December the site will get a bit of a face-lift ٩◔‿◔۶

Creative Market resources

Free Mondays! I’ve enjoyed the last 17+ weeks greatly and picked up fantastic freebies for web design, background images for my slides, simply great ideas just by viewing. I’ve also paid for a few items… shhhhh! I know, I know. I really like free, but I also really like this ٩◔‿◔۶

beFunky Photo Editor

Seems as if I had NOTHING to say the day I created this. Egads! Here goes: I like the beFunky photo editor. It’s worth playing around with. Where can you get it? Find in at the Chrome App store or tab or on the beFunky website. The images with this ٩◔‿◔۶