A succulent idea

After going through a lot of Pantone colors looking for just the right HTML color codes to freshen up the look of my site, I decided to work on a miniature crochet project.

This will be for the Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks, Alaska for 2023. Succulents are the flower/plant.

The following image is a screenshot from the web. The colors and leaves are the inspirations for a crochet amigurumi plant. Here are the steps I’ve taken thus far:

  1. Look for samples
  2. Gather color ideas
    1. Search for Pantone “Sage” and look for examples
  3. Order yarn
    1. It turns out I did not need to. Ihave a Scheepjes mini-set of Metropolis yarn that will be perfect for this!
    2. I just needed to compare “Sage,” “Teal,” and “Pink” colors of the yarn to the Pantone equivalents.
  4. Sketch