Try, try again

This is an image rich post!

The first is the book I’ll be using and the color choices I have at hand.


Now a close up of that swatch.


Images include my inspiration, the colors I had to choose from, and the first few sit down sessions… what resulted.

The next four are the first twenty minutes of actual knitting, not thinking, not winding yarn, not reading patterns… KNITTING. Then twenty minutes later. Then about 40-60 minutes later (two more days)? THEN Whoa! What happened! Lift off.

Of course, now I need to find my size 9 needles that aren’t 16 inches in length. Oh well.

2-8First20 2-8Second20 2014-02-09 13.29.02 - 640 AtLeast40minsMore 2-12-About40minutesMore-WhereAreNeedles

First, I have to say that I really want to make myself a sweater this year. However, if I cannot follow directions, or make a sweater that fits this little dude, why bother wasting time, yarn, sleep… on one for me?