It’s a big deal! You don’t have to keep it after this class. Please read the full assignment on Blackboard before beginning (things may have changed.)


  1. Research different registrars
  2. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you, you like their dashboard or interface, you like the price, their site made sense, they did not try to sell you extra… whatever your reasons
  3. Purchase your domain for one year
  4. Submit the address of your domain and a link to where you registered it via the assignment submission link inside of Blackboard

    MY DOMAIN NAME IS: {full url address here}
    I REGISTERED IT WITH: {insert link here} Please note, you are submitting the address of the domain you registered (like janenemcmahan.com) and where you registered it (See LifeHacker for the Five Best… ) as well as a link to a blog post on your WordPress site about domain registration and registrars. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR HOSTING UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT TO. YOU WILL GET A FREE ACCOUNT ON THE CITS SERVER TO HOST YOUR DOMAIN!

Once you have your domain you need to take a few steps. Some of you will need to be walked through these steps, others will either use online pages provided by the registrar or the registrars chat help, etc.

Please  log into your account at the domain registry where you registered and set the dns entries to:

If there are more entries, leave those blank – IE remove what is there.
As soon as you have done this, send me an email and I will set up your account on the CITS server.