Teachers using blogs in their course rooms

Teachers using blogs in their course rooms

Blogs are an excellent way to get your students talking to each other and you about their studies.

If you have posts where you are asking your students questions or if you are requiring them to create their own posts you may require them to submit by a certain deadline (or to comment on fellow classmates posts).

In order to help with deadline confusion, you should set your date within WordPress. Click on the image for a close up view.

Set Date in WordPress
Showing editing for date.

Here is how to set your date in the WordPress dashboard. Keep in mind that the version of WordPress changes so this image may not be exactly what you see.

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Go to settings
  3. Edit your timezone – for Alaska use Anchorage, Alaska or UTC-8

You may also want to let your students know that you consider the deadline a time span (give them a window of time).

For more information on using blogs in your classroom see:

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