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Finding your voice

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As a teacher or an instructor it is important to know your audience and know yourself. As a new employee it can be a little more difficult to 'find your voice.' I'd argue that Toastmasters is an excellent resource for any employee (or person) to become a better speaker, a better listener, to practice how to carefully craft their thoughts into spoken form. It is also a good venue to learn how to provide positive, constructive, concise feedback. This post is about 'who am I?' It's been…

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On task (not project management)

Being asked to see what the individuals who make up the Design group are using to track projects or tasks is a great introduction to the team. Using SurveyMonkey allows for a quick Q&A. I will enhance/follow-up with one-on-one discussions. I'll be intermixing survey results and on-on-one sessions to determine what the team might need and what the team might use. Here are a few things after seeing results from 5 out of 12 folks: my deliberate use of vague language was caught/singled out; I stand by…

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