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  • One of my favorite patterns of all time!

    One of my favorite patterns of all time!

    So. I make myself a new hat whenever I lose my latest one. Yep. I lose knitted hats… made out of amazing yarn. Oh well. The Three Tams pattern as shown on knitty.com https://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter07/PATTtam.html is my GO TO pattern. I’ve made these for friends… family. To give away. I love this pattern. It’s MOSTLY easy……

  • Crafting for relaxation and peace

    Crafting for relaxation and peace

    Lately there has been a LOT going on. I’ve taken to reading. Reading almost anytime I can helps stave off the severe uncomfortableness I am living through. In addition to reading, I am knitting and crocheting, plus journaling. DECEMBER What’s in the craft queue? And on the FINishing block?

  • Monsters & Legends – it begins

    We’re going to be helping the teens at The Door Youth Shelter chase away the cold this winter with handmade hats and scarves. Come be part of the living art display by sharing your time and your talent during the month of October at Arctic Java (inside the Wood Center on UAF campus). There will…

  • Too small for normal relaxation

    Too small for normal relaxation

    This is a miniature sock monkey knit done on sock needles. I’ve created this post to help students with adding images to WordPress pages. Also to uncover what absolute paths look like versus relative. When you are using WordPress to add media to your page or post you go through a series of steps where…

  • Finished a sweater

    It’s too small, but it’s clear that I have a great model!

  • Where can you knit?

    Where can you knit?

    Wednesday – twenty minutes at the Pioneer Home while visiting my Dad. I didn’t take a photo of the knitting until Thursday (before I started knitting at a local wool shop). Things are a bit blurry time-wise because of the tinking. However, I would say ON AVERAGE I’ve gotten twenty minutes in a day. Certainly,…