The style attribute

Oh man! My instructor wants me to test out my css knowledge INSIDE of a WordPress post. How cool is that?! =) You can add the style attribute to many HTML commands in order to use CSS to style that element. Can you recreate this paragraph? What about this paragraph? Okay, now it's your turn. Go back to the module page and read through your assignment. Now go to your own blog and create your response using the style attribute. Do you know what using css in…

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Sectioning Elements the old (new?) way

Try this Make a new post Work inside of the Text tab in the editor Play around with css and divs View the source of this page for tips Test your work In HTML and CSS (the text) we are reminded that the <div> element lives on. See page 440 for more. Here's an example that you might want to recreate... Some WordPress themes have Custom Design choices under the Appearance area. Some themes will have areas called theme options or custom css that also allow you…

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