Stretch your legs!

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In response to M3 blog assignment. What is it about animals with dolls?

Kitty with doll

You need to practice adding images. There are several ways to do it.

  • use an image you own the rights to, or use an image that is copyright free or has a Creative Commons license like
  • set up the image to be aligned to the left or right
  • have your blog text flow above and below the image.

The image shown here is prevalent on the web. I did an image search to determine the owner and found it in thousands of places (so says Google). I did track down at least one person who claimed to be the owner–online; that person was making this image freely available. I’m not sure I trust it, but there you go. The image I uploaded is the copy of one posted to Deviant Art. “Cute Kitty by gemeh.”