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At conferences

2022 – Teaching Professor Conference “Accessibility Includes Retrieval of Materials” Poster session and speaking to interested individuals over the course of the conference. See the PDF for more information.

2022 – Accessibility Training for UA Staff

4/20 and 4/27/2022 Delivered presentations via Zoom on Accessibility with Kitty, John, Katie and Jon–designers and faculty across the UA system. IF you are part of the UA system you may view the slides.

Google Slides: Beyond PresentationsNovember 12, 2020You’ve used Google Slides for a slideshow presentation, but have you experimented with templates? Animation? Quizzing? Learn about the practical applications of some of Slides’ best features!Janene McMahanRECORDING

Staff Recognition & Development 2017: WordPress Basics & Practical Application

by Janene McMahan | May 16, 2017 In this session you’ll see WordPress basics such as making a post, making a page, working with themes. Ready to begin your own WordPress site? Janene will coach you on your first steps. If you have a WordPress site you’ll love the tips she covers for ease…

Working across units 2014 iDesign

“Badges, we don’t need no … badges!” Oh, but I do. I love things that involve badges, stickers, checking off boxes.

“UA Instructional designers who earn this badge help to bridge gaps, spread innovation and share knowledge in a selfless, collaborative spirit within the University of Alaska system.They show an exemplary commitment to engagement by participating in the statewide iDesign Summits and ongoing activities.”

Notable mention

While it isn’t a speaking engagement per se, it involved training over a two-week period.
Working with designers from UAA and UAS, we presented to …

2012 – TechFest

Slides Can Be Sexy

Presenting with Dallas Budden

Let’s look at presentations in two stages. The first stage is delivery: the act of giving and discussing your presentation with your immediate audience. The second stage is the time after your presentation in which discussion can continue around a persistent presentation artifact. This stage usually takes place when  a presentation is uploaded to  a web site where comments are enabled. Different tools support each stage of your presentation differently.

Powerpoint supports the first stage of a presentation only. When you break away from Powerpoint consider how much authoring time you have available, whether or not you want a persistent artifact, and your interest in continuing the conversation after your immediate presentation. These considerations will help you decide which tool or tools to use authoring and delivering your message. 

SlideShare features a vibrant educational community that regularly comments, favorites and downloads content. SlideShare content spreads virally through blogs and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Individuals & organizations upload documents to SlideShare to share ideas, conduct research, and connect with others. Anyone can view presentations and documents on topics that interest them, download them and reuse or remix for their own work.

2011 – TechFest

Copyright and Intellectual Property (Chris Lott/Janene McMahan)

Intimidated, confused or frustrated with Copyright, Fair Use, and how it affects you? Wondering if you can share that article, show that video, or use that web material? Interested in ways of sharing your work that allow for more freedom than copyright law currently provides? Want to tell us a horror story (or a fairy tale) about fair use? This roundtable discussion is for you.