Updating my resume

Updating my resume

Nothing to see here. That sure is a shame.
10/28 update: I don’t know when I stopped having my resume on my website. I know it’s in LinkedIn… but it is time to have it back here.

For my coworkers, managers, and team: I don’t want to leave UAF eLearning. I do want to do more.

It’s time to update my resume, and that means sprucing up my website, adding new posts, doing a general culling of fluff.

Notes on what to include

  1. Program management
  2. People management
  3. Marketing
  4. Communications
  5. UA System knowledge
  6. Personal work-related goals
  7. Roles held

If you’re looking for someone who has a great grasp of the wide variety of roles within the university system I have filled quite a few. At last I landed at UAF eLearning–it was my third time applying. I’ve been here for over six years. For me that’s a long time. Loving it still. Looking for how I can be more and do more.