Playing with Images & Tables

Learning HTML can be fun. Working with TABLES… not always as much fun. Working with images? Awesome!

Christmas EveWorkCompanyCompany/Family
Christmas DayDo as little as possibleVisit others (here or there)CompanyEnjoy time just with son

I’ll use this image (which I took) for the purposes of showing a few things from the text. You will need to use your own image or one made freely available for your use. See the module page – there are a few photos on it you can use and links to some sites where you can get images with no copyright.


Aedan12-8-Apples-400Aedan12-8-Apples-400Playing with width (instead of 182 which it was created at I’m showing it as 50 wide and 250 wide) and height:
Aligning LEFT and aligning RIGHT.

Aedan12-8-Apples-400This image is using a little bit of css to add a margin. That’s new for you, but if you want to try it put the following in the IMG tag as one of your attributes style=”margin-right:20px;”