CS101 Spring 2019

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Hi there! Two sections are open ... and I've attached the syllabus. There are spots in both Dain Harmon's and my section. (Valda McMahan) [gview file="https://janene.community.uaf.edu/files/2019/01/dmharmon-vjmcmahan-Spring-2019-Syllabus-CS101-Computers-Society-with-Schedule-.pdf"]

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Light reading?

In my CS101 course I have asked students to consider what e-waste is and how it impacts society. This is just one article I required them to read: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7543489.stm

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Online graphics

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Photoshop and AirTable While I do a lot of graphics on the fly, it is not very often that I get to do a whole set. Here is an embed from AirTable of *MANY* assets I made for the MillOps program. Other tools: Easel.ly, Canva I've been on the lookout for an "Agile" infographic I made a little while ago using easel.ly I've used it with my classes and for generating ideas.

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Testing Embeds

Using the embed code from inside the share in VoiceThread and pasting it into the Text view in WordPress. It worked ... See VoiceThread and screenshots below. This is using the default information. I would change the height and width. Find your VT and click the share icon Choose the "Basic" tab Copy the embed code Paste it into the Text view on WordPress What plugins are active? Google Doc embedder inPHP Simple Custom CSS WordPress Visual Icon Fonts Network active - all of community.uaf.edu has these…

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PlayPosit Test for Work

Working with PlayPosit. Questions I have include: How (source 1) shows up? Should I really go back and clean up my CC for punctuation. The text is correct, but it all runs together. Will I deploy this or others like it?

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Three ways to set up your course more efficiently

The semester is underway; a review of previous semesters may help you change your workflow now or prep for your next course. Here are my tips on setting expectations, managing your workflow and reusing layouts. Set expectations USE DUE DATES: As an instructional designer I encourage faculty to use due dates; students tend to work to deadline. Letting them know your required due dates is essential for their planning. Reiterate deadlines when communicating with students. EXPLAIN LATE WORK POLICIES: As an adjunct, I’ve seen students turn items in late.…

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Seven Year Journey

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A friend has completed one leg of a long journey. Always amazed at what people can do! concīs is finished! We appreciate your time, attention and support. » https://t.co/qRQQ6CWlKz — concīs (@concismag) February 4, 2018

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New Box View replaces Crocodoc for inline grading

As of this month when your students turn in programming code and graphics inside of Blackboard you can use the New Box View inline grading tool to view the code and add comments to the images. If you previously used Crocodoc to quickly view spreadsheets or papers inside of the Blackboard Grade Center, you’ll find the expanded list of supported file types a breath of fresh air References File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview. (2017, July 21). Annotate Submissions. Transitioning from Crocodoc to New…

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Day 6: VLOOKUP & TRUE – oooh

Coming back to The Google Sheets course... Just loved seeing the "precedence" drag and drop in the conditional formatting rules. While I don't imagine when I'll use it, I have often used VLookup in the past. Having the resulting table also include visual queues? A recipe for greatness!

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Core skills in Google Sheets

Going through the Advanced Formulas - 30 day challenge by Ben Collins. Day 1 "Core Skills" session had two great tips for me: using named ranges using shift/enter (the break function) to put LF into formula - LOVE THIS

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