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a wee ditty

A little too much chocolate, A little too much chai, A little too much shopping, My, oh my!

Revamping CITS F222 for Spring

While I truly enjoy spending a few hours just playing around with WordPress, sometimes it feels as if I’m under pressure to …

Graphic from

Model Student Creation

Let’s say you’re a faculty member and you want your students to research a topic and then synthesize the information. {Don’t skip …

baby clothes sorted for quilt

Baby quilt

Get excited… I am. Blair of WiseCraft made a quilt out of Aedan’s clothes. I haven’t seen the pictures yet – the …

Image of WordPress logo on folded paper

Looking at WordPress a New Way

Recent requests at work have caused me to reconsider hand-coding in favor of plug-ins. There are a lot of requests. If, for …

Landscape with a desert look

It’s hot. It’s damn hot.

So, I’m in California. Palm Springs area… Rancho Mirage to be exact. It’s hot. It’s 106. That’s too hot. It’s okay because …

Tiny crochet

Using a hook size 0… and sock yarn to make amigurami. This is a foot/leg. The pattern is Fibi by Lalylala. I …

Hexie power, activate!

Not feeling that well. Decided to crochet a bit.  Sitting on the couch with Food Network playing. While I wish I were …

Forgot to mention

I completely forgot to mention that I’m crocheting Smaug. Pictures to come!