More planning and some doing

Raglan-40minI signed up for Instagram last night. I figured I needed to be able to quickly post some photos. Of course I did it in a mental stupor – so I spent time this morning trying to figure out what was wrong, my password or my userid?

Got in about 25 minutes more of knitting this morning. I also pulled out three books to be sure that where I’m headed is a top down raglan sweater for the little one. I’m making it up as I go!

Done with the mock turtleneck type opening and now getting ready to start increasing and adding stripes (very subtle ones).

The 20 minutes is going to end up being an average per day over the week if I continue to have time. Aedan is napping, but that makes sense because he got up super early AND does not feel well. Bless that little boy.

Image is from approx 45 minutes of knitting, planning, searching, counting, changing needles…