Monsters & Legends – it begins

Monsters & Legends – it begins

We’re going to be helping the teens at The Door Youth Shelter chase away the cold this winter with handmade hats and scarves.

Come be part of the living art display by sharing your time and your talent during the month of October at Arctic Java (inside the Wood Center on UAF campus). There will be crocheted and knitted items already started out of yarn that can be machine washed/dried.

Sit and teach someone how to knit, purl or do the single crochet stitch. Needles, hooks and yarn will all be there waiting for you! Or just come and work on a project for a bit. Enjoy the art display of UAF staff and students.

I’ve started one of the four projects that will be waiting. I anticipate that others will start new ones (and some of you might bring a hat or a scarf that you’ve made to drop off). All items will be collected up at the end of October; I’ve got a few volunteers who will help me finish the hats, darn in ends and wash them for presentation to The Door.

Thanks–in advance–for being part of this legend in the making. Come. Give. Enjoy the yarny goodness.

“Hey! Why did you start at the top instead of the bottom? 
Because it may be easier for beginners to just knit and purl (or just knit)… with no increases.”

“Can I start a hat that’s knit in the round and leave it for others to work on?
Sure – but only if you’re willing to leave your circular needles there…”