Model Student Creation

Model Student Creation

Let’s say you’re a faculty member and you want your students to research a topic and then synthesize the information. {Don’t skip this step… it is about learning, creating supports learning. It is not simply about creating.} Add a creative element to the process by asking the student to curate their findings online. A few tools you can use (and student examples) include:

Before your students create, model the behavior you want to see. Students can create video lecture, presentation, online posters, timeline, audio files similar to how an instructor can. If you want students to use YouTube videos for course presentations, embed YouTube videos as a welcome note and lecture items early in the semester. Also link to or provide getting started materials.

Places to curate and arenas to use for sharing products vary from class to class, but good choices for UAF students include: Google Sites and Google Drive Folders because all UAF students have access to the Google Apps.

Learn more and see more examples –


UAF eLearning and Distance Education designers write teaching tips each week. The following are a few you may want to put in your Getting Started folder or your introduction to the module:

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