A JotForm (survey) assignment for students

A JotForm (survey) assignment for students

In evaluating the Kindle (any mobile device) we we’re asked to create an assignment that students would do.

I first tried to have them work with Prezi, but bumped into a keyboard access issue.

So here is the assignment:
1. Go to www.jotform.com create a free account.
2. Click “Form Templates” (top menu) and search on ‘course.’
3. Choose the course survey or course evaluation form and save it.
4. Change the theme or remove questions that do not apply.
5. Save your work. Choose Preview and copy the URL to share with your group via email or paste into the class blog as a new post.

* Note to instructors: I built this post using the Kindle Fire and tested each of these steps on the Kindle Fire. I recommend you also add screenshots, a due date, a rubric for how you will score the student’s work, and the point value of the assignment. Alternately you could ask the students to search for a form for uploading files (also a template) or sharing a recipe.

See the resulting form (based off of a survey template with questions removed.)