Lesson Plan

First draft (notes to the student): Read it, practice it. Experience sites. Evaluate YOUR likes and dislikes. Learn the basics of html and css. Figure out how to upload to a server.

Once you’ve done MOST of those things you will create a page for a client. *WHEW*

Not all of the items shown below will be assigned for points. Some of the steps you will need to do in between others just to prepare for the next graded step. You’ll have help all along the way.



  • Perform cycle of drafting, developing and delivering web content to a client
  • Work with a client
  • Organize materials and prepare for uploading & sharing
  • Determine how to promote work you’ve completed (for internal or external purposes)

Need to rework part of the above to include parts of the following

  • [you will] List steps needed to create a web page
  • [you will] Explore process of interacting with a client to determine needs AND Evaluate whether or not you have the items you need to proceed
  • [you will] Create a page designed to meet the need as you understand it

Reading assignment
Chapters 15 & 17 speak to layout; Chapter 18 “Process & Design” specifically asks you to think about your customer.


  • Brief write up of i-ii (5 points in Bb)
  • Blog post on v-vi progress (10 points on WP)

I will replace “Splash & Dazzle” of the jQuery module with final of page(s) created plus write up (post mortem) of delivery to client (20 points in Bb)

The steps shown in the concept map (that I will rewrite or provide in a different format to the students) are:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.15.11 AM

The green arrow represents the fact that a student may have to gather more materials once they’ve met with the client and shown them the draft.

Share with cohort (Reflection)
Using both the Blackboard discussion thread (private to just your instructor and fellow students) share your experience working with a client, gathering materials–from a client–and supplementing with your own search, prepping the web page (or pages) and showing the client the draft product. How did the client impact your overall design? Did he or she ask for changes to the draft? Why? What were the type of changes?

  • Discussion board post/conversation with fellow students on vii-viii progress (5 points for post/10 points for feedback to other students)