Janene McMahan

Time to Knit

Twenty-minute knitting is a brain child of missing knitting. I posted on FB some time ago. While rocking my son to sleep, I realized I must have twenty minutes each day somewhere to knit.

That’s what this blog is about. I started setting up the blog at 9:07 – I sort of cheated, because I could not remember my WordPress address and I had to hesitate and think on whether or not I wanted the domain for *99.00 a year (saving 41&). You only save if you intend to buy. The other fee is %166.

So, that being said. Day 1 is setting up this blog and coming up with the first knitting idea.

My goal is to make my son a sweater in twenty minutes a day. Once I’ve done that, I’ll start on one for me.

— 2017 update —

Hmmm… I have successfully made him a sweater that fit. Then I cast on one for myself last month (Dec. 2016) … no real progress as of yet.

— 2015 update —

I made him a sweater in 2013 (late) that did not fit! Well, it did, but only for about a month. So, I restarted the journey in 2014 and made him a sweater in twenty minutes of knitting in January and February, but then I lost some of the yarn… BOOO, hisss. I set it aside and returned to in early in the summer. Yay! Sweater done!