Knitting Since Christmas

Knitting Since Christmas


I went out with a girlfriend on Sunday… Very cool. I think I knit for about twenty minutes… mostly we gabbed.

This is after one or two minutes… “Oh! I forgot…” then I needed to explain to girlfriend what I was doing. Hey, it’s been about a month. I almost have a sweater (for a little one). That’s worth twenty minutes on average a day.

SleeveNewYearsEve1SleeveNewYearsEve2Then on 12/29 I was able to knit a bit more… AND last night I knit for 13 minutes to round out the 7 minutes I’d knit earlier in the day. It is funny, however, how long 13 minutes feels when you really want to play Angry Birds (Star Wars edition).

Yes. I said it… I wanted to do something else. Silly really.

One more photo to show off some crochet I’ve been doing in between the knitting. It’s one big granny square with Noro Silk Garden.