Just like arnica, yarn is good for what ails you!

I wanted to start fresh. It’s a new year (summer) but still, a new year. Plus I’ve been aching to knit and crochet lately. I have way too many projects underway. It’s time to finish a few up.

So… is my best answer to start a new blog? Perhaps not. But, I plan to post one time per week with my progress. Let’s see how well I do.

Current projects (actively working on):

  1. Fibi – a crocheted fox; pattern by Lalylala – most awesome!
  2. Circles – my own take on a great blanket (patchwork quilt) I saw in an expensive magazine.
    This one needs some love; it’s been sitting around well over a month with no attention.
  3. Hexie love – you’ll see why I call it that when you catch a glimpse. A lot of Rowan Felted Tweed is going into this blanket. I was just going to make something for the couch, a little throw. Actually, I first bought the yarn when I owned a yarn shop. I intended to knit a beautiful vest with it. I should say, “I first bought 1/3 of the yarn…”
  4. I’m working on a Puerperium cardi for a little girl (newborn – 3 mo). It’s my third or fourth of this style. I just love it! I’m using Noro Silk Garden (a favorite) plus Cascade superwash. I’ve had great success machine washing and drying Noro Silk Garden on gentle.
  5. Oh, right! Then there is the most recent item I started which is a stole/shawl that is not a circle and not a triangle. But I’ve ripped it out twice so far, so who knows!