I’m not an activist

I’m not an activist

I just like yarn. I like warm things in winter. I like the tactile feel of working on something stitch by stitch. I believe in sharing and teaching.

Sad, right?


artic-jNext month (October), a girlfriend and I will be putting up a “Living Art” display as part of the Monsters & Legends UAF staff and student show at Arctic Java’s gallery. Arctic Java is the coffeehouse located inside of the Wood Center. You need to go. Just to see the beautiful space. Or go to catch a glimpse of great art.

While you’re there, sit down and add a stitch (or tens of stitches) to any of the hats or scarves in progress. You’ll see the display, yarn and tools (both crochet hooks and knitting needles). If this co-operative sharing is too foreign, but you want to donate a warm machine wash/dry hat (or scarf) that you made to The Door Youth Shelter, drop it off in the basket (possibly under one of the chairs, we’ll see). But really, why not take a bit, have a sip of something, chase the chill for yourself and others? It could be epic. You could be part of a new legend: Fairbanks artists chase the cold.