I think I can – OOPS!

Let’s not forget that part of knitting is unknitting. I know I did. On Saturday I made two errors… okay mid Saturday and super late Saturday… late enough to call it Sunday. First I did a second round of increases (almost the full round) and had to pull them out (tink). Later that same day (or within a 24 hour period) I started using the wrong color. These two yarsn are super close to each other. Probably too close to really be using striping.

This means I’m averaging three rows in 20 minutes. Not that much! However, once I’ve gotten the mistakes out of my system, loaded Flickr on my iPhone, made a few more posts… etc. This should smooth out.

I’ll be golden by the time this little sweater is done. Image is at approximately the two hour mark.

Why Oops?! This was a draft in my Vision of Valda blog. Right? Got to stop blogging when I’m TOO TIRED!