Why Blog? Get Writing

You may wonder why we blog:

  • First, you will learn about WordPress
    1. 8/19/2011 –  WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S.
    2. 4/30/2013 (Has March 2012 data) –  How Many People Use WordPress: Statistics, Percentages, and Comparisons
    3. 9/2012 – With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Rules The Web. So Where’s The Money?
  • Second, you will learn how to navigate a Dashboard – and to do a few pretty intricate items
    1. What is the difference between a page and a post?
    2. How can you modify your navigation?
    3. How can categories or tags help you organize your site?
    4. What types of elements can I include on my site?
  • Third, your blog provides an arena to test HTML (see the ‘Text’ tab next to the ‘Visual’ tab? enter your HTML there)
  • Fourth, you practice writing online
    1. Craft your voice.
    2. Become familiar with the best way for you to create content online. Is it a blog? Does typing on your tablet really work?
  • Fifth, you can ask, ‘what works?’ and see what doesn’t
    1. Some code will work.
    2. You can embed items–but maybe not on a free WordPress site.
    3. Test how different themes impact your usability.