Credly consolidation to Credly Acclaim

Credly consolidation to Credly Acclaim

VoiceThread Certified Educator badge

Credly is consolidating…

Ah. Are we using badges much anymore? I sure like collecting them. Creating them is a fun experience as well. I’d say Madara’s far outpace mine in style and class, but the few I built got the job done. 

Perhaps when I go back to making more, I’ll be in a similar class as some of the amazing visual artists I’m surrounded by.

Externally I earned the VoiceThread Certified Educator badge. 

UAF Earned badges include those shown below:

  1. iDesign Collaboration: UA iDesign Retreat
  2. Work & Recreation Balance (For getting away!)
  3. Heckler Badge
  4. Participant Rescue (Tech Medic: for helping with Dan’s posting activity.)
  5. Building Bridges (created and earned)
  6. Comic Design (designed)
  7. Storytelling
  8. Text Free challenge (Slides must be)
  9. Fantastic Headwear Challenge
  10. 2013 eLearning Retreat “Working together is success!”
  11. Mythical Creatures Certification

I’ve made at least three badges using the Credly platform. The “Retreat Team,” “Comics,” and “Building Bridges” badges were my first.

Building Bridges badge
Created a badge for the retreat team in Credly

Statewide Community UA iDesign
Fantastic Hat Challenge
2013 UAF eLearning Retreat