Couldn’t find inspiration

Couldn’t find inspiration

InspirationSweater640You know I’m working off of an inspiration sweater for this project. Here is that sweater.

Since I COULD NOT find it… I needed to spend my 20 minutes knitting doing something else (preferably knitting). This is what I found… a sweater I had forgotten about. Nope, it’s not going to fit Aedan. However, it will get done and someone will love it.

SleeveForgottenProject-12-09-onWasteYarnWhen I found it I had one sleeve still on needles — these are TOO LONG of dpns for this little sleeve.

I pulled them off after measuring 5″ and put the sleeve on waste yarn. My first 20 minutes with this found project was reading the pattern, figuring out where I was, measuring the sleeve (and body)… and then putting it on waste yarn.

I then (in my NEXT) twenty minutes, cast on the next sleeve.

SleeveForgottenImage12-09It didn’t take long to get over an inch. One more 20 minute sitting AND searching for the inspiration sweater at the same time… Can’t knit and search. FOUND IT!

So back to the original project for me.

More later!