OLC Accelerate 2019

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Excited to announce I've been accepted as a presenter at the 25th annual OLC conference Embracing And Teaching Accessibility Date: Thursday, November 21st Time: 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM Conference Session: Concurrent Session 5 Lead Presenter: Janene McMahan (University of Alaska - Fairbanks) Co-presenter: Joanne Healy (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Track: Tools and Technologies Location: Northern Hemisphere D Session Duration: 45min Brief Abstract: Bring your device to explore and evaluate accessibility tools. Learn how course designers assist faculty in making their course materials accessible. Hear how faculty embrace accessibility tools, become more independent and make courses…

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Computers pile up in Ghana dump

Light reading?

In my CS101 course I have asked students to consider what e-waste is and how it impacts society. This is just one article I required them to read: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7543489.stm

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Fun with banners

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Joanne Healy, School of Education, likes the banners I make. Here's the latest batch... her requests are fairly open-ended, so I can find the right mood to fit the need. Our department has access to a Shutterstock account. That and regular CC0 images make creating banners easier.      

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Working with Adobe Illustrator

Hey all! I've been slack over the past few years in learning Adobe Illustrator. I LOVED Fireworks... WHY, OH WHY.... anyhow. Over the past few months, I have recreated graphics for the Mining Mill Operator Training. Granted I've only done a drop in the bucket of them, but my AI skills are coming along. Here are a few P & ID Information [image 140-1-11] Control Loops [image 140-1-05] Pneumatic instruments [140-1-06] Process Variables [image 140-1-01] Electronic Instruments [image 140-1-07] Analog Signals [image 140-1-09] Digital Display [image 140-1-10]…

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Staff Recognition & Development 2017: WordPress Basics & Practical Application

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 In this session you'll see WordPress basics such as making a post, making a page, working with themes. Ready to begin your own WordPress site? Janene will coach you on your first steps. If you have a WordPress site you'll love the tips she covers for ease in updating materials, loading correctly sized images, and prepping your work to be accessible. View these slides on your device and use the arrow buttons to navigate the slides below. Link to Google Hangout This presentation is offered face-to-face in GRUE…

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Better Tests & Quizzes

Slides Needed: note-taker Goals: driven by your discussion Resources Please add your ideas! On the iPad click the " + " near the bottom left to add. How do you know? VoiceThread You have to have Flash installed (allow use) Students practicing language Joanne Healy is using VoiceThread and the students love it.

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Efficiency (recycled)

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A one hour presentation (no, not really) ... on "Exploring different online tools to use for tracking your own work, task management, prioritizing. Discussing methods for planning your day and communicating needs with others. How are we replacing paper? What works for you?"

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Getting serious about Twitter?

Egads! I'm a professional. I've been online since (okay, I won't say)... but in the five years I've had a Twitter account--the one I use, not the one I want--I've not tweeted *enough.* Enter IF THIS THEN THAT to the rescue. I most certainly have communicated a LOT and shared cool tools and how-tos via different web interfaces. Let's consolidate. "Let's get connected..." Now, the interesting thing to me was WHEN I decided to start pushing my WP posts to my Twitter feed, I was presented with a…

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Using CSS inline

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Godiva chocolate would be good right now. Not all CSS will be tolerated by the free WordPress accounts. However, you should test out a few things using the style attribute on various HTML commands/tags. You can also use DIV or SPAN plus the style attribute to make your post look, "just right"!

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Creative Market resources

Free Mondays! I've enjoyed the last 17+ weeks greatly and picked up fantastic freebies for web design, background images for my slides, simply great ideas just by viewing. I've also paid for a few items... shhhhh! I know, I know. I really like free, but I also really like this collective's approach. It's easy to find something to fall in love with. OTHER AWESOMENESS Unsplash.com {https://unsplash.com/} for excellent images! That's taken in Glencoe, U.K. by Rab Ritchie.

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