Revamping CITS F222 for Spring

While I truly enjoy spending a few hours just playing around with WordPress, sometimes it feels as if I'm under pressure to find just the right thing. I did that earlier this week. It took a lot of playing and a bit of tweaking, plus a few other people's eyes. Here is my final layout: It is simple. It is clean. I'm going to try to stick with it for all of the weeks. Of course, some will be slightly different. ALL of them need to have…

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Tiny crochet

Using a hook size 0... and sock yarn to make amigurami. This is a foot/leg. The pattern is Fibi by Lalylala. I already started this using dk weight yarn, but I messed up. I have a great fox on the way... but I wanted to check something in the pattern. I'm thinking I won't have ANYTHING ready for the Tanana Valley Fair. Bit of a bummer, that. The knitting you see underneath it is something I started and then gave to my friend Shelly (including the needles)…

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