A brand new day

Yesterday I discovered a few problems with my WordPress accounts at FatCow. Last night I did a lot of clean up and some restoration. One of the things I blogged about was "it's a brand new day" and I remarked, tomorrow is a new day too. Basically, I said that because it was late. I wanted to go to sleep. Guess what? Not everything worked the way I wanted. So, today I blew it away again. Practice makes closer to perfect. That's going to have to do.…

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I think I can – OOPS!

Let’s not forget that part of knitting is unknitting. I know I did. On Saturday I made two errors… okay mid-Saturday and super late Saturday… late enough to call it Sunday. First I did a second round of increases (almost the full round) and had to pull them out (tink). Later that same day (or within a 24 hour period) I started using the wrong color. These two yarns are super close to each other. Probably too close to really be using striping. This means I’m averaging…

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Where can you knit?

Wednesday – twenty minutes at the Pioneer Home while visiting my Dad. I didn’t take a photo of the knitting until Thursday (before I started knitting at a local wool shop). Things are a bit blurry time-wise because of the tinking. However, I would say ON AVERAGE I’ve gotten twenty minutes in a day. Certainly, if you count messing with passwords and working on posts/images. I really don’t want to count that. This is why I’m going to finish this post and go measure the sweater. I’m…

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