Rolling out a renewed iTeach Online

iTeach Online "iTeach Online offers foundational training in online course design. Through a series of 5 modules, faculty start to build a solid online course founded in current research and relevant learning experiences. Faculty who complete the self-paced version of iTeach Online are prepared to design and teach an online course, and are eligible for a Teachers Who Learn award, endorsed by the Provost’s Faculty Development Team.  *iTeach Online will open for self-paced participants on Wednesday, May 6th." This is being tested by two co-workers right now. -- I've…

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Go back to your happy place

As an instructional designer, I help faculty with their courses. The faculty member is the content expert; I'm a support person. I want to help them make the course easy to navigate, engaging to the student—learning can be fun—and, whenever possible, inspire or remind the teacher why he or she loves doing this. In early 2014 I asked a faculty member to remember his favorite assignment from when he was in school. His face lit up immediately; he got excited and told me all about it. Then…

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Week three ‘school at home’

I've joked a bit about being a brand new homeschooling mom. However, that's not really what is happening. ICS, Immaculate Conception School, in Fairbanks where my son is in first grade is doing an AMAZING job of providing resources, a layout of what is due each day of every week including links to videos, audio files, sheets to print out for practice. Ah, print out... what if you don't have a printer? Well, you can use a regular piece of paper. Plus he has workbooks for math,…

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Love Your Data

I've been a data geek for quite some time. Right now you cannot see it on my site so much because I have not been explicit about it. However, I will be filling in how data and I have been happily intertwined over the years. At UAF in 1993 I worked for Administrative Services as a Total Quality Management (TQM) Coordinator. We, Melody Erickson and I, worked with 17 teams over two years. During the first part we co-taught and lead different units through TQM practices. During…

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One perspective on Quality Matters course certifications

We embraced Quality Matters (QM) as a framework for continuous improvement of online and blended courses just over four years ago. To get a faculty perspective I reached out to Gary Copus, professor emeritus, and asked him to share any highlights, benefits or challenges experienced as part of certifying three UAF Justice courses: Introduction to Justice (JUST 110), Research Methods (JUST 222), and Ethics and Justice (JUST 300). This tip provides his answers and a few paths you might take to make use of Quality Matters. History…

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Quick communication with students

Feedback Students should know whether they are on track. Many don’t. You can help. Seed your early feedback and scoring comments with phrases suggesting you want them to know what their goals are and you want them to know how to see your feedback. You may want them to open up an ongoing dialog with you about their progress. Describe how they check the feedback you provide and their scores. If this isn’t in your “Getting Started” folder, consider adding it and making an announcement linking to…

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Three ways to set up your course more efficiently

The semester is underway; a review of previous semesters may help you change your workflow now or prep for your next course. Here are my tips on setting expectations, managing your workflow and reusing layouts. Set expectations USE DUE DATES: As an instructional designer I encourage faculty to use due dates; students tend to work to deadline. Letting them know your required due dates is essential for their planning. Reiterate deadlines when communicating with students. EXPLAIN LATE WORK POLICIES: As an adjunct, I’ve seen students turn items in late.…

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New Box View replaces Crocodoc for inline grading

As of this month when your students turn in programming code and graphics inside of Blackboard you can use the New Box View inline grading tool to view the code and add comments to the images. If you previously used Crocodoc to quickly view spreadsheets or papers inside of the Blackboard Grade Center, you’ll find the expanded list of supported file types a breath of fresh air References File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview. (2017, July 21). Annotate Submissions. Transitioning from Crocodoc to New…

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Day 6: VLOOKUP & TRUE – oooh

Coming back to The Google Sheets course... Just loved seeing the "precedence" drag and drop in the conditional formatting rules. While I don't imagine when I'll use it, I have often used VLookup in the past. Having the resulting table also include visual queues? A recipe for greatness!

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Instant Pot

So, I got a new kitchen toy in mid December. I've not used it anywhere near as much as I would like. This is a post to admit that, and to say ... ONE TIME per month—at a minimum—I intend to try something new with it. What's up for January? ... Not quite sure - just grabbed "Instant Pot Ultimate CookBook: The Complete Pressure Cooker Guide with Delicious and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes (Instant Pot Cookbook, Pressure Cooker Recipes Book 1)" I need to check through my…

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Getting serious about Twitter?

Egads! I'm a professional. I've been online since (okay, I won't say)... but in the five years I've had a Twitter account--the one I use, not the one I want--I've not tweeted *enough.* Enter IF THIS THEN THAT to the rescue. I most certainly have communicated a LOT and shared cool tools and how-tos via different web interfaces. Let's consolidate. "Let's get connected..." Now, the interesting thing to me was WHEN I decided to start pushing my WP posts to my Twitter feed, I was presented with a…

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Baby quilt

Get excited... I am. Blair of WiseCraft made a quilt out of Aedan's clothes. I haven't seen the pictures yet - the quilt is in Portland with the photographer. Here's a quick shot of the clothes I sent for her to use. I'm the youngest of five children; my family and friends blessed me with both an amazing largess of items before he was born, AND hand-me-downs... my three brothers all have kids and two women from church gave me boxes of items. That's just one reason…

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Use Video to Capture Students’ Attention

You may consider video difficult to get started with. Make your first video using tools you already have: Keynote (or PowerPoint) and QuickTime. Once you’re ready, upload your presentation to YouTube for easy sharing. Download PDF: TT-video-engagement “People react to well-crafted videos and audio with increased attention.”1 Using skills you have and software you most likely own, create items to reach your students. Charles Mason, photography teacher at UAF, while creating his online version of Basic Digital Photography used two slides, five images, and his voice to…

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Robotics in the classroom

Introduction We speak about today’s children growing up with technology, and yet this has been true for at least a generation. Younger and younger humans are being surrounded by devices that they may interact with or see others using on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are still presented with high school students about to enter college who are not ready to enter the field of engineering. In many cases, these students may need to take developmental math. It got me thinking. What are some schools doing to…

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