Updating my resume

Nothing to see here.

That sure is a shame.

It’s time to update my resume, and that means sprucing up my website, adding new posts, doing a general culling of fluff.

Notes on what to include

  1. Program management
  2. People management
  3. Marketing
  4. Communications
  5. UA System knowledge
  6. Personal work-related goals
  7. Roles held

If you’re looking for someone who has a great grasp of the wide variety of roles within the university system I have filled quite a few. At last I landed at UAF eLearning–it was my third time applying. I’ve been here for over six years. For me that’s a long time. Loving it still. Looking for how I can be more and do more.

How can I test html inside of WordPress?

We are learning to look

Underlying a page we see is a series of commands. We can look at them!


Depending on the browser you use you can look for the View menu, select the option that says Source or View Source.

This is an example of indented text using the ‘blockquote’ command.

This assignment is due on the 24th of February January.

The style attribute

Oh man! My instructor wants me to test out my css knowledge INSIDE of a WordPress post. How cool is that?! =)

You can add the style attribute to many HTML commands in order to use CSS to style that element. Can you recreate this paragraph?

What about this paragraph?

Okay, now it’s your turn.
Go back to the module page and read through your assignment.
Now go to your own blog and create your response using the style attribute.
Do you know what using css in this fashion is called?

Sectioning Elements the old (new?) way

Try this

  • Make a new post
  • Work inside of the Text tab in the editor
  • Play around with css and divs
  • View the source of this page for tips
  • Test your work

In HTML and CSS (the text) we are reminded that the <div> element lives on. See page 440 for more.

Here’s an example that you might want to recreate…

Some WordPress themes have Custom Design choices under the Appearance area. Some themes will have areas called theme options or custom css that also allow you to put in your own css.

I’ve been using one theme that allows for both. The them is called “base.” Here’s a sample of the breakout css I created.

#breakout {letter-spacing:2px; border-width:5px; padding: 15px; margin-bottom:10px;font-size: 1.9em; background-color:honeydew;}

Perhaps I cannot do this on the free WordPress.com site. BUT… I can use css inline in a post or a page by going to the Text tab in the editor.

Here’s your small sample. Remember to close your tag!

I want to control fonts too! WordPress is selling advanced features, including the ability to display fonts the way you want. So, the things you might be able to do with fonts… You’ll need to pay for.


So, here’s another catch up post. It’s sad though. I had a lot of time to knit last week (thanks to Aunt Patty and Uncle Richard). That’s not the sad part. I finished the sweater. It did not fit. Nope. He’s grown. Oh well. The good (or happy) part is that I can find twenty minutes a day to craft.

Why say craft instead of knitting?

Because I was also crocheting! Yup. Unfaithful.
In the second picture below I show you that I messed up and had to unravel a bit.
If you look closely at picture number four, you’ll see that the sleeves, while the same length, decreased at a different rate. Sigh.

Now to wash, block, and think of who needs this sweater.

2014-01-12 13.30.33 2014-01-12 13.30.52 2014-01-14 07.25.382014-01-24 08.47.30 2014-01-24 08.49.43

I think I can – OOPS!

Let’s not forget that part of knitting is unknitting. I know I did. On Saturday I made two errors… okay mid Saturday and super late Saturday… late enough to call it Sunday. First I did a second round of increases (almost the full round) and had to pull them out (tink). Later that same day (or within a 24 hour period) I started using the wrong color. These two yarsn are super close to each other. Probably too close to really be using striping.

This means I’m averaging three rows in 20 minutes. Not that much! However, once I’ve gotten the mistakes out of my system, loaded Flickr on my iPhone, made a few more posts… etc. This should smooth out.

I’ll be golden by the time this little sweater is done. Image is at approximately the two hour mark.

Why Oops?! This was a draft in my Vision of Valda blog. Right? Got to stop blogging when I’m TOO TIRED!