Embracing and Teaching Accessibility

 Sharing my love for helping students & faculty! I went to OLC Accelerate and presented a session that Dr. Healy and I put in together. Here are resources for the session and the focus. Putting students first Making all materials better for everyone Padlet for sharing Strategies EXPRESS WORKSHOP Embracing And Teaching Accessibility Date: Thursday, November 21st Time: 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM Conference Session: Concurrent Session 5 Lead Presenter: Janene McMahan (University of Alaska - Fairbanks) Track: Tools and Technologies Location: Northern Hemisphere D Session Duration: 45min Brief Abstract: Bring your device…

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Brand new day

Yesterday I received my VoiceThread Certified Educator badge through VoiceTread (Credly badge displayed). Next up is Google for Education Certified Trainer. May it take less than a year. I'm supposed to get it done by April 2018. Coolio. Let's begin.

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Getting serious about Twitter?

Egads! I'm a professional. I've been online since (okay, I won't say)... but in the five years I've had a Twitter account--the one I use, not the one I want--I've not tweeted *enough.* Enter IF THIS THEN THAT to the rescue. I most certainly have communicated a LOT and shared cool tools and how-tos via different web interfaces. Let's consolidate. "Let's get connected..." Now, the interesting thing to me was WHEN I decided to start pushing my WP posts to my Twitter feed, I was presented with a…

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What font is that?

  I'm a lover of all things font. Truly. This being said, and the fact that I can recognize about 20 or so and know their names, is me geeking out. Maybe more than 20 if I'm really pressed. My pallet is font-tested and font-approved! So, what do you do when you want that font? In the past I had to look and look and look —or ask the developer—or turn on Web Developer and inspect the CSS/HTML code. Well. What if you went with a handy-dandy Google…

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beFunky Photo Editor

Seems as if I had NOTHING to say the day I created this. Egads! Here goes: I like the beFunky photo editor. It's worth playing around with. Where can you get it? Find in at the Chrome App store or tab or on the beFunky website. The images with this post were alterations of a professional photo taken by Todd Paris.

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Building Community in an Online Classroom

Working with Dr. Nicole Cundiff at noon today to gather great ideas (as well as stories of what hasn't worked) for building your online classroom community. Want to participate? Feel free to drop your ideas on the Padlet 'whiteboard' space. Created with Padlet

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Make a Quick Video…

Keynote/QuickTime/YouTube steps: Make your slides. Add your voice (Play menu > Record Slideshow…) figure one Save your work. Export it to QuickTime (File menu > Export To > QuickTime) This brings up a Creating Movie announcement that shows you the progress of saving your work asa MPEG-4 movie.  figure two Open QuickTime. Open your .m4v file. Share your product to YouTube (File menu > Share > YouTube). At this point you need to be logged in. If you aren’t you will be asked to log in. Please use your UA…

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Padlet: easy ‘whiteboard’

I was reminded just today that I use this interface (my work blog) as a 'reminder' tool of items that I want to share with others. If you're looking for a quick way to have your students chat/jot down notes with each other, look no further than PADLET! Here are some examples: BEST PRACTICES: http://padlet.com/vjmcmahan/ucl40alnfugt THINGS TO AVOID: http://padlet.com/vjmcmahan/nylzo4kxt5ap MAIN BOARD: http://padlet.com/vjmcmahan/guz7x8y2iobt

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Loving the Google Apps

Here starts a series of posts on which Google Apps I use most often and those I recommend. This is what my current (July '15) app window includes: Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Slides, Google Search, Google Sheets, Web Store, PicMonkey, Text and YouTube. #1. PicMonkey: Here's a light-hearted, fun app that happens to be a real hard worker. It is also very easy to use. Let PicMonkey do the heavy lifting for you! You can get the PicMonkey Editor for Chrome as an app by visiting: http://www.picmonkey.com/tools…

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Let me update your trac ticket – FileZilla (fix)

Who wouldn't want to open up a new account to update Trac tickets for FileZilla problems first thing on a Monday morning? This rocks! http://trac.filezilla-project.org/ticket/9750#comment:1 Couldn't find a solution in 5 minutes of surfing. Found others with a similar problem - my window was off the top of my screen. Jumping and shouting just wasn't going to get it to come down. That doesn't work with my toddler either. So... I started control clicking. Nope. Option clicking... hey... yeah. Figured I'd give back - that's only about five more…

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Change just one thing

Lately I've felt completely overwhelmed. I'm a single mother. I'm a college professor. I'm a college student. I have a full-time job that can easily consume more than the normal hours in a week. I thought it valuable to say that besides sinking in a morass of self-doubt, I had something happen last week that really helped me not decide to quit working towards my second masters degree, or quit teaching as a part-time job, or eat even more chocolate. I remembered that my iPad was not…

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What could I do with a Raspberry Pi

I don't own a motorbike: http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1216528 - so getting data via a OBD2 Data Recorder isn't interesting to me. Since I need to improve/refresh my programming skills, I could use it for PHP or Python. Ruby is on the way down the list {TIOBE programming list http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html } The TIOBE list tracks Turing complete programming languages which have a Wikipedia entry. Shopping list: Raspberry Pi TV - better already have one of these HDMI cable 4GB Class SD card or 8GB - see http://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards You can get…

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