It’s hot. It’s damn hot.

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So, I'm in California. Palm Springs area... Rancho Mirage to be exact. It's hot. It's 106. That's too hot. It's okay because I'm hanging with one of my best gal-pals, my Mom. Today we met with a specialist. Tomorrow I'll take Mom into the hospital for a small procedure. Medicine is a tricky thing. If everything goes well we'll be out of here in a hot New York minute. If it doesn't... time won't matter.

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He’s pointing!!

Okay, so we saw pointing a few weeks ago, but it wasn't DIRECTED... it was just a thing we sometimes did with our index finger. Sometimes. NOW, however, he is pointing and it means... take me there, or I want to see that, or "could you give me your pizza?" I love it. This last weekend we walked all over the house driven by that little index finger. At the daycare they have a calendar and November has a bear picture on it. He's a big fan…

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