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  • Seven Year Journey

    A friend has completed one leg of a long journey. Always amazed at what people can do! concīs is finished! We appreciate your time, attention and support. » — concīs (@concismag) February 4, 2018

  • I had to listen

    I need you to soften my heartAnd break me apartI need you to open my eyesTo see that You’re shaping my lifeAll I am, I surrenderGive me faith to trust what you sayThat you’re good and your love is greatI’m broken inside, I give you my lifeI need you to soften my heartAnd break me…

  • Time to unsubscribe (again)

    Best response yet, that I’ve penned. “Life looms large. Time is limited. Love you and your site… but mommy-hood is an adventure best done with less clutter.”

  • CPR certification – yes!

    Staff training day was today. We were surprised with art classes and CPR training. We also shot rifles.

  • Collected Stories: Climate Change

    It’s hot in Fairbanks. Hotter than I remember in a long time. It reminds me that our ocean has increased one degree each decade over the past three decades (at least that’s what I remember). Climate change is real. Here’s an older article that has punch in terms of what’s happening world wide.

  • Dairy and egg allergy chocolate cake

    As easy as apple pie has a great dump cake recipe for non-dairy no eggs.