Brand new day

Yesterday I received my VoiceThread Certified Educator badge through VoiceTread (Credly badge displayed).

Next up is Google for Education Certified Trainer. May it take less than a year. I’m supposed to get it done by April 2018.

Coolio. Let’s begin.

Instant Pot

So, I got a new kitchen toy in mid December. I’ve not used it anywhere near as much as I would like.

This is a post to admit that, and to say … ONE TIME per month—at a minimum—I intend to try something new with it.

What’s up for January? … Not quite sure – just grabbed “Instant Pot Ultimate CookBook: The Complete Pressure Cooker Guide with Delicious and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes (Instant Pot Cookbook, Pressure Cooker Recipes Book 1)

I need to check through my pantry and decide what to make as we’re running out of January.

February (on deck) … making coconut ‘yogurt.’

Grass growing around the sewer lid

Getting serious about Twitter?

099373-twitter-bird3-squareEgads! I’m a professional. I’ve been online since (okay, I won’t say)… but in the five years I’ve had a Twitter account–the one I use, not the one I want–I’ve not tweeted *enough.*

Enter IF THIS THEN THAT to the rescue. I most certainly have communicated a LOT and shared cool tools and how-tos via different web interfaces. Let’s consolidate. “Let’s get connected…”

Now, the interesting thing to me was WHEN I decided to start pushing my WP posts to my Twitter feed, I was presented with a fun dilemma – JetPack would connect my sites to my personal WordPress site hosted elsewhere. Verra cool!

What am I doing now? Frittering away time that I should be spending on my Financial Peace homework, or working on the draft ONID Project site. Yeah. It’s that kind of day.

What’s up with the sewer lid?
I took this photo when out walking (August 2016) and found it awesome that grass will grow…

baby clothes sorted for quilt

Baby quilt

Get excited… I am. Blair of WiseCraft made a quilt out of Aedan’s clothes. I haven’t seen the pictures yet – the quilt is in Portland with the photographer. Here’s a quick shot of the clothes I sent for her to use.

I’m the youngest of five children; my family and friends blessed me with both an amazing largess of items before he was born, AND hand-me-downs… my three brothers all have kids and two women from church gave me boxes of items. That’s just one reason why I’ve carefully laundered and packaged up the most usable items and sent them on their way to friends who were pregnant or just gave birth. I kept quite a bit for exactly this purpose–maybe some day… a quilt!

I heard back from Blair and she kept out the two items I marked ‘most treasured.’


Make your own

Last June I thought I’d just make all of Aedan’s baby food…

ED432Carrots-steam250 ED432CarrotsAbove250 ED432MostOfTheStoryCarrot-250s

That worked really well for a few months. Then somewhere around Thanksgiving or a wee bit later it became more important for him to have more solid food.
Still, I’m making quite a bit of his food, just not all.

The beauty of a thing

Is often in its simplicity.

Years ago I loved reading comic books.

I am a Marvel fan. However, I came across a DC comic that had a character by the name of “Valda” in it.

“Hey, that’s me!”

I’m no warrior–unless you count dealing with cold temperatures without an auto-start.