Getting serious about Twitter?

Egads! I'm a professional. I've been online since (okay, I won't say)... but in the five years I've had a Twitter account--the one I use, not the one I want--I've not tweeted *enough.* Enter IF THIS THEN THAT to the rescue. I most certainly have communicated a LOT and shared cool tools and how-tos via different web interfaces. Let's consolidate. "Let's get connected..." Now, the interesting thing to me was WHEN I decided to start pushing my WP posts to my Twitter feed, I was presented with a…

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Building Community in an Online Classroom

Working with Dr. Nicole Cundiff at noon today to gather great ideas (as well as stories of what hasn't worked) for building your online classroom community. Want to participate? Feel free to drop your ideas on the Padlet 'whiteboard' space. Created with Padlet

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Tiny crochet

Using a hook size 0... and sock yarn to make amigurami. This is a foot/leg. The pattern is Fibi by Lalylala. I already started this using dk weight yarn, but I messed up. I have a great fox on the way... but I wanted to check something in the pattern. I'm thinking I won't have ANYTHING ready for the Tanana Valley Fair. Bit of a bummer, that. The knitting you see underneath it is something I started and then gave to my friend Shelly (including the needles)…

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Just like arnica, yarn is good for what ails you!

I wanted to start fresh. It's a new year (summer) but still, a new year. Plus I've been aching to knit and crochet lately. I have way too many projects underway. It's time to finish a few up. So... is my best answer to start a new blog? Perhaps not. But, I plan to post one time per week with my progress. Let's see how well I do. Current projects (actively working on): Fibi - a crocheted fox; pattern by Lalylala - most awesome! Circles - my…

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