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Restructuring Course Content and Delivery for Online Students

Joanne Healy1 and Janene McMahan21College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics2eCampusUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks, United States Abstract Primary school children who were invited, inspired and excited about working with robots in their classroom changed teaching expectations for special education teacher candidates (Roscorla, 2016). If six-year old students were coding robots pre-service special education candidates could do the same in their classrooms. Inspiring exceptional children with hands-on motivational activities is an excellent strategy (Almarode & Almarode, 2008, Jensen, 2008). Collaborating with an online course designer eased creating this new…

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Credly consolidation to Credly Acclaim

Credly is consolidating... Ah. Are we using badges much anymore? I sure like collecting them. Creating them is a fun experience as well. I'd say Madara's far outpace mine in style and class, but the few I built got the job done.  Perhaps when I go back to making more, I'll be in a similar class as some of the amazing visual artists I'm surrounded by. Externally I earned the VoiceThread Certified Educator badge.  UAF Earned badges include those shown below: iDesign Collaboration: UA iDesign Retreat Work…

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Online graphics

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Photoshop and AirTable While I do a lot of graphics on the fly, it is not very often that I get to do a whole set. Here is an embed from AirTable of *MANY* assets I made for the MillOps program. Other tools:, Canva I've been on the lookout for an "Agile" infographic I made a little while ago using I've used it with my classes and for generating ideas.

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