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That's not really a descriptive title for the successful thing I just accomplished.I went into my Ravelry queue and deleted any pattern that called for:cablesfussinessI also deleted almost every sock pattern. Yup. I'm not a sock knitter!OKAY - how 'bout an update this week? Well, I ripped out the top part of a mitten I'm knitting for a friend. WAIT! This was the second time I did that... 9/17 and 8/28. Hummm. Huh? Interesting.The finger portion was far more pointed than the pair. Can't have that. And, if you're…

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So, here's another catch up post. It's sad though. I had a lot of time to knit last week (thanks to Aunt Patty and Uncle Richard). That's not the sad part. I finished the sweater. It did not fit. Nope. He's grown. Oh well. The good (or happy) part is that I can find twenty minutes a day to craft. Why say craft instead of knitting? Because I was also crocheting! Yup. Unfaithful. Now to wash, block, and think of who needs this sweater.

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