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Hexie power, activate!

Not feeling that well. Decided to crochet a bit. ¬†Sitting on the couch with Food Network playing. While I wish I were …

Forgot to mention

I completely forgot to mention that I’m crocheting Smaug. Pictures to come!

Update on Giving Art

Just a quick update. The dark blue hat (worked flat lower left of first pic) is being finished by Susan M. and …

You people are awesome!

Went up to Arctic Java to check on Giving Art… There were four finished items there; I was dropping off someone else’s …

Shelly crocheting

Everything’s Up!

Here’s Shelly at Arctic Java – see all that yarn? See the projects in the ziploc bags (already started)… See the big …

Lunch at the hospital affordable and good

Great lunch!

I visited a friend at the hospital today (surgery yesterday was more extensive than previously thought). She needs kinds thoughts and prayers …

Planning a wee party

Maybe it’s too early? Getting ready for a small get together at my house in just under two months.  

I’m not an activist

I just like yarn. I like warm things in winter. I like the tactile feel of working on something stitch by stitch. …