V. Janene McMahan

I serve students within UAF eCampus as the Student Services Manager. It’s a big change from being an instructional designer. Thank you for stopping in. I’m revamping and organizing a few years’ worth of posts. I got way too ‘category’ happy. Ultimately, my online life might fit into a few boxes to share with you.

Happening in 2024 (so far)

  • Support the Alaska Bar Exam (2/27-28)
  • Help Boreal Sun 5th Grade with baking (2/22)
    They were learning baking math. I just supplied some ingredients and a mixer.
  • Taking a Cable knit class at Yarn Over Alaska
    • It has been YEARS since I attempted this!
  • Wrapping my head around Budgeting with the help of a Clever Fox Budget Planner
    • There are a lot of changes in grocery and heating costs …
    • Plus, I have a kiddo that really likes online gaming (digital dollars)
  • shawl in progress - knit.

    “Finish knIT” February

  • One of my favorite patterns of all time!

  • Crafting for relaxation and peace

    Noro wound ball of Silk Garden
  • Stay on Top of Course Tasks with Time Blocking


Recent accomplishments

  • Student Services Manager – in charge of Exam Services (5/2022)
  • Canvas Admin (transitioned into 10/2021)

Certifications and credentials

  • Coordinator and Proctor for Pearson Vue, PSI, True Talent, Prometric, ProV (Achieved 5/2022-9/2022)
  • Proctor for CLEP exams (10/2022)
  • Proctor and weekend coordinator for ACT & SAT (9/2022)
  • Deliver exams for State of Alaska Water, Wastewater, and Pesticide (Achieved 6/2022)
  • Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education – from the University of Colorado Boulder. (1/2020)
  • Quality Matters – I am certified to facilitate the Improving Your Online Course in the online format. (3/2020)
  • Peer Reviewer  – I am certified to serve as a Peer Reviewer on Quality Matters course reviews. (1/2020)
  • Quality Matters Coordinator (QMC) Training to serve in the organizer role for UAF.(12/2018)