A brand new day

yarn-va2Yesterday I discovered a few problems with my WordPress accounts at FatCow. Last night I did a lot of clean up and some restoration. One of the things I blogged about was “it’s a brand new day” and I remarked, tomorrow is a new day too. Basically, I said that because it was late. I wanted to go to sleep.

Guess what? Not everything worked the way I wanted. So, today I blew it away again.

Practice makes closer to perfect. That’s going to have to do. I am working on restoring my portfolio materials that I’m using for the UAF M.Ed Online Innovation and Design degree work.

Yarn displayed was from a trip to Virginia in 2006. I still have the silky bright yarn in the top right (I think I’ll pair it up with a lot of other dk weight yarn and make a crazy sweater). I also have the sock yarn in blues/browns… but it turns out, I am not a sock knitter.